The Flip-Up SmartCase for iPhone SE.

Very smart dual function design. Folded up, it’s a smartphone case. Flipped-open, it’s a hands-free stand. Designed and handmade in the USA.

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Guaranteed to get attention in public.

The only variable angle design of its kind for smartphones. A useful hands-free stand that also folds up quickly into a handsome protective case. Hand made with precision from choice exotic hardwoods (Bloodwood shown), flip-up-Case

Made-to-order for Apple® and popular android devices.

Pyramid Power Dock

Pyramid Power Dock: The device charger that won't go out of style.


A  custom wood stand for all your smartphone and tablet devices, handmade in American black walnut.


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“A unique, precision-designed showpiece for hands-free smartphone & tablet device use... made with the same care as finely crafted furniture.”

Over 60 years of detailed craftsmanship know-how. (We even wind our own springs).

Using your Pyramid Power Dock. (Only you know the secret).

1) Lift up top tier slightly 2) Rotate to expose secret chamber and unlock button
3) Push down the button at the bottom of the ‘secret’ chamber (a), then rotate center tier (b). Note that the support posts “pop up”.
4) Use fully open, or close top tier for more back support for larger devices. The “secret chamber” can also be used to hold an Apple® Watch while charging (or hide a small secret valuable). 5)  Your Pyramid ships with a mounted printed circuit board with a USB mini power input (use your own USB to USB mini cord or we will provide one) and a USB plug output for your phone or tablet (use the cord that came with your device). The LED lights have a power on/off switch. Run your device cord up the cord hole to charge or bypass the hole and plug directly in to your device (may be preferred for the landscape viewing position).

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